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[README] Update README. 'Only for development'

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# NemoMobile Yocto build system
Nemo Mobile is community driven project and should be used only in a development purposes. In this stage Nemo Mobile is only meant for development, not for production.
Necunos is providing this build system only for development purposes and this project has no affiliation with Necunos products.
[NemoMobile]( is a free and open-source mobile platform based on OpenEmbedded and Qt5.
This is the new Yocto based NemoMobile build system. With Yocto Project NemoMobile has always up-to-date middleware and has flexibility to add other recipes from other Yocto-based projects. OpenEmbedded provides middleware for embedded devices that is more up-to-date than Mer-based middleware. From Mer Project only NemoMobile & mobile device specific middleware packages are imported to this Yocto based NemoMobile build.
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